Product Safety


NZ Sheep Milk Co does NOT contain Clostridium Botulinum or Dicyandiamide and is safe for your baby to consume.


New Zealand has a strong reputation of delivering premium safe food worldwide. This reputation must be enforced by all New Zealand food companies. NZ Sheep Milk Co operates under the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) approved Risk Management Programme (RMP). MPI assist in regulating and monitoring the quality of food products that are exported from New Zealand. NZ Sheep Milk Co follows strict quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing of their products. The manufacturing environment is also subject to regular monitoring and control. Final product is sampled and tested for chemical, sensory and microbial parameters using internationally recognized procedures in MPI certified laboratories. NZ Sheep Milk Co does not send any products until they have been examined, approved and documented by MPI to ensure they meet all international food safety standards.


We are parents too and understand the importance of giving your baby the best start in life. Being a parent you want to provide safe and reliable food for your children. NZ Sheep Milk Co Infant Formula is only as good as the milk. You can trust the quality of our milk as it is sourced from our own farms that have state of the art farming technology. From our family to yours…..we are proud to introduce our NZ Sheep Milk Co Infant Formula range.